Fun with Facebook ?fb_xd_fragment= [UPDATED]

Like most people, I’m not a fan of big megacorps making landgrab plays for great swathes of the internet, especially when they do it in a ham fisted way which breaks honest, hard working sites.

Sure it’s the job of an adopting sites testing department to make sure the site works. But the minute external dependencies are let straight onto the page all manner of fun can break loose.

Facebook comments currently has an amazingly fun problem in it, which to be honest, I don’t fully understand, and Facebook can pay me if they want me to look at it more.
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Router Settings lost when hard coding IP [FIXED]

This was a bit of a head scratcher. I don’t run DHCP on my home network because I use VNC to admin things from the main machine. This means keeping an IP list, which is easy.

After rebuilding a machine, whenever I set the TCP settings, the router IP would be lost. Everything else would retain ok, but the default gateway constantly reset itself to blank.
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